Boat or kayak trip on Ropotamo river

Boat or kayak trip on Ropotamo river

Enjoy a boat or kayak trip along the mouth of the Ropotamo River.

The Bulgarian Amazon, as it is called, is almost 50 kilometers long, but only 9 of them are navigable. It is formed by the rivers Rosenska and Tserovska, which springs from the Strandzha hill Bosnia.

Ropotamo flows into the Black Sea, whose waters allow navigation on it. It is at the end that the river is most flooded because it is filled with sea water.

Wild boar, red deer, jackals, foxes, otters, goldfinches, deer, over 260 species of birds and 10 species of bats can be found in the reserve. There are also several species of amphibians, reptiles and fish. The flora is also rich. In the reserve you can see over 100 species of plants, some of which are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria. Among the most impressive are the water lilies, which today can be seen only in the region of Arkutino.

Part of the reserve are the rock formations “Lion’s Head” and “Merry Rock”, as well as the island of St. Thomas, better known as Snake Island.