Sightseeing around the campsite

Sightseeing around the campsite

Wide selection of natural and historical landmarks, culture and art.

If you want to diversify your vacation from the beach and the sea, this area offers a wide choice of nature, culture, history and art.

Most of our offers are places already visited by us, others we hope will be visit by you.

Places of Interest around Tsarevo:

– Tsarevo Sea Garden, Tsarevo Open-Air Museum, Cape Castro and Church of the Assumption, Cape Arapya, Eco trail Marina River, Cape Maslen and Begliktash (megalith), Sphinx Rock, Ropotamo Reserve, Lion’s Head, Arkutino Swamp, Nature , Silistar.

Places of Interest around Sozopol:

– St. Kirik Island, St. Peter’s Island, St. Ivan’s Island, Castle in Ravadinovo, Sozopol Monastery St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Fortress Wall – Sozopol, Sozopol Monastery St. Apostles, Cape Kolokita